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Jon Jang Seven

Major work: Paper Sons Paper Songs(length: 70-80 minutes)


James Newton and Jon Jang Ensemble

Major work: When Sorrow Turns to JoyA Musical Tribute to Paul Robeson (length: 70-80 minutes)

  • James Newton, composer/flute/artistic director
  • Jon Jang, composer/piano/artistic director
  • Cedric Berry, bass-baritone
  • Shuang Hou, Chinese opera female singer
  • Jiebing Chen, erhu
  • Matthew Parrish, double bass
  • Mark Prince, multiple percussion


Flying Dragon Company under the direction of Jon Jang

Major work: Up from the Root! - (length: 20 minutes)

  • Jon Jang, composer/piano/artistic director
  • Francis Wong, soprano and tenor saxophones
  • Hong Wang, various Chinese two string violins and suona
  • Yangqin Zhao, yangqin
  • Jimmy Biala, multiple percussion


Jon Jang & David Murray

Major work: River of Life CD recording on Asian Improv Records

(2000 - present)

Beijing Trio

Major work: Beijing Trio - CD recording on Asian Improv Records

  • Max Roach, multiple percussion
  • Jon Jang, piano
  • Jiebing Chen, erhu

(1999 - 2001)

Jon Jang, solo piano

Jon Jang Sextet

Major work: Two Flowers on a Stem - CD recording on Soul Note

  • Jon Jang, piano/composer/artistic director
  • David Murray, tenor saxophone/bass clarinet
  • Jiebing Chen, erhu
  • James Newton, flute
  • Santi Debriano, double bass
  • Billy Hart, multiple percussion

(1995 - 1997)

Jon Jang & the Pan Asian Arkestra

Major work: “Tiananmen!”, “Reparations Now!" (Concerto for Large Jazz Ensemble and Taiko) and Dizzy Gillespie’s “A Night in Tunisia

  • Jon Jang, piano/composer/artistic director
  • Melecio Magdaluyo, alto saxophone/flute
  • Francis Wong, tenor saxophone/flute
  • Jim Norton, bass clarinet/clarinet/flute
  • John Worley Jr., trumpet and flugehorn
  • Jeff Cressman, trombone
  • Mark Izu, double bass
  • Anthony Brown, multiple percussion

Liu Qi-Chao, Chinese multi-instrumentatlist and Zhang Yan, guzheng on “Tiananmen!” members of San Jose Taiko Group or Kenny Endo on “Reparations Now!”

(1988 - 1994)

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