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postheadericon Oyama Canon in D - October 3, 2014

To commemorate the centennial anniversary of the (California) Alien Land Law of 1913, Jon Jang has been commissioned to compose Oyama Canon in D, a multi movement work that pays tribute to the Issei (first generation Japanese immigrants of America) contribution to agricultural development in California, as well as their 40 year struggle to resist racist “alien land laws” which denied their family the right to own land.

On Friday evening October 3, 2014 at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, the world premiere of Jon Jang’s new work, Oyama Canon in D, will be performed by a music ensemble led by Jon Jang, piano/narrator with Francis Wong, soprano saxophone; Jim Norton, bass clarinet; Karl Alfonso Evangelista, electric guitar; Gary Brown, electric bass; and Deszon X. Claiborne, multiple percussion

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postheadericon Toisan Railway - August 16 2014

Toisan Railway, a new music work by Jon Jang, pays tribute to the landmark achievement of Chin Gee Hee, an entrepreneur who built the first railroad in Toisan, China in 1920, despite the many obstacles stacked up against him.  Toisan Railway also honors the Toisanese, the majority of Chinese immigrants from Guangdong Province, who built the first transcontinental railroad in United States and supported the making of the Sunning (Toisan) Railway in China through their labor and financial support.

Toisan Railway adds to Jon Jang’s body of works that pays homage to the Chinese laborers who built the railroads in United States and China. Past works include Chinese American Symphony; Portrait of Sun Yat-sen and Central Pacific, Central Subway. The 30 minute work, Toisan Railway features a chamber music ensemble led by Jon Jang on piano with Francis Wong, tenor saxophone; Jim Norton, soprano saxophone; John Worley, trumpet; Cathleen Torres, French horn; Gary Brown, double bass and Deszon X. Claiborne, multiple percussion. A guest narrator TBA will also perform.

The world premiere of Toisan Railway will be performed at the Chinatown Music Festival on Saturday afternoon August 16, 2014 @ Portsmouth Square across from the pyramid shaped skyscraper Transamerica Building


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